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AEP (Advanced Engineering Plastics)


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Our Policy to Proposals Received from External Parties

POLYPENCO®, NYLATRON®, Fluorosint®, Duratron®,Techtron®, Semitron® Ertalyte®, ERTALON®, Ketron®, Symalit® are products, and resitered trade mark of Quadrant group.

ULTEM* is a trade mark of SABIC Innovative Plastics IP B.V.

TORLON® is a registered trade mark of Solvay Advanced Polymers, L.L.C.

PBI® is a registered trade mark of AZ Electronic Materials(Japan)K.K.

DELRIN® is a registered trade mark of DuPont.

Restriction of the application of our products into human body
The use of our products in transplanting or embedding into human body or the use as parts which are contacted with body fluid or body organization are not recommended as the safety is not certified.
Please make inquiries to us when you use them out-doors.